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BizMed Health Clinic provides treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses by occupational medicine specialists. Most occupational health care services are provided by primary care physicians as part of their general medical practices, so they are unable to devote the time and energy necessary to specialized rehabilitative care. Clinicians at BizMed Health Clinic practice only occupational medicine so patients receive dedicated occupational medical care and services such as injury treatment, rehabilitation, work conditioning, and employee counseling assistance. BizMed Health Clinic directly serves patients through early intervention in each employee injury, and also assists employers by managing all participants in the workers' compensation system and therefore reducing overall costs. We provide outstanding commitment, dedication, knowledge, and expertise to each occupational therapy case, and strive to return each employee to their position as safely and quickly as possible. Injury Treatment Injured employees can receive immediate walk-in treatment at our clinic Monday through Friday for minor or serious work-related injuries and illnesses. All treatment is provided by Dr. Lee and selected physicians experienced in occupational medicine. BizMed Health Clinic staff will provide employers a Work Status report detailing the diagnosis, treatment plan, and any restrictions on the employee's ability to work. Counseling An employee's work performance can be negatively affected by many factors arising at home or the workplace. BizMed Health Clinic offers short-term confidential counseling to employees with personal challenges, stressors, or crises. Long-Term Treatment Physical Therapy Occupational clinicians can aid in long-term treatment and rehabilitation for employees suffering from musculoskeletal injuries through physical therapy. Physical therapists will assess the damage and functional limitations caused by the injury, and provide clinic and in-home mobilization and exercise programs to help restore the patient's normal movement before a full return to work. Rehabilitation Occupational physical therapists are specially trained in helping patients overcome work-related injuries through education and conditioning. A physical therapist will help injured employees return to work quickly and safely by evaluating movement and function problems, and then practicing simulated tasks in a controlled setting. Conditioning Working Conditioning Some employees may have a currently stable injury but show physical testing deficits that contribute to repeated injuries. The program will help patients overcome limitations and build the physical capacity to safely return to work functions. Clinicians provide strength and cardiovascular training, joint and muscle stretching, and body mechanics education to condition employees. Spinal Preconditioning Employees suffering unresolved pain from a back injury may lack confidence or physical ability to participate in a full work conditioning program. BizMed Health Clinic specialists will provide pain management, exercise and stretching programs, and education to help patients enter work conditioning. Ergonomics BizMed Health Clinic staff can provide an in-depth study and report of workplace safety for specific jobs, including safety factors such as environmental exposure, equipment protocols, and physical demands. This report can provide employers with invaluable information necessary to evaluate risk factors and comply with health and safety standards.

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